Letter to Future Gateway Students

First welcome, and congratulations on getting the chance to be a part of one of the more unique porgrams at Michigan. I started my journey with the gateway course during the fall 2016 semester and would like to tell you a little about my experience in the class.

One of my biggest takeaways was the importance of getting words on the page. This class stresses the importance of shitty first drafts and now I understand why. This mindset makes writing infinitely less daugnting becuase once I have words on the page I feel like I can go anywhere from there.

I was suprised by the freedom this class gave me and every other writer. I love sports, they are so important to me, but I never get to write about them for any of my clases. But in this class I was not only given the opportunity to write about sports, but was also encouraged to do so. So another quick piece of advice is to write about what you want, because in this class you can.

What has been the most challening, but also very interesting was playing around with different mediums for the remidiation project and created the website for the E-Portfolio. I made a podcast for my remediating and I was suprised with how much work doing a podcast was. I had to learn how to create an entire podcast from nothing, and that wasn’t easy or quick.

A piece of advice I have to all of you is to stay on top of your work. This class in different because there are not really set in stone deadline throughtout the year, but instead one big deadline at the end of the semester. This makes it easy to fall behind, so I emplore you to stay on top of your work and meet with Shelley whenever you can. I always found meeting with Shelley very helpful for my projects, and very claming for myself about anxietes about the class.

I think if I was going to do one thing differently I would have tried to get to know my peers better. Blog groups were great, they were the people you could lean on and look to, but besides them I didn’t branch out as much as I would have liked to. I say this not only because the people in the minor are all fantastic and incredibly smart, but also because they are the same writers I will be having classes with for the rest of my time at Michigan.

You guys are smart people, you’re going to do great in the minor, you don’t need anymore practical advice so I will leave you with this. All the problems in your life stem from you not drinking enough water.

-Good Luck Fam

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