Bad Writing

Last week in class we talked about bad writing and I was immediately intrigued. We did a short writing exercise where we attempted some bad writing. We used inspiration from our two writing communities. As I mentioned in my last blog post, two writing communities I have been a part of are writing essays for medical school applications and writing scientific works for my psychology research. In class, I wrote a short essay about my psychology research project–however, instead of writing it like a research paper, I wrote it in my medical school application voice. It had a very different vibe. I told a story about my research, but it still had a hint of “bragging” about this experience.

I continued to think about this writing exercise after class and decided to try it again at home. I find the whole medical school application process to be extremely tedious and somewhat absurd actually. I can imagine thousands of other applications writing similar monotonous essays that boast about themselves and their experiences. So I decided to take my medical school personal statement (an open-ended required piece that asks us to explain why we want to go into medicine) and repurpose it into a short poem.

Here is a copy of the original essay: Personal Statement

And here is the new and improved personal statement:


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