Introduction and Writing Communities

Hi all,

My name is Jordan and I am majoring in Neuroscience with a pre-health focus. I am from Washington D.C., and I hope to start medical school a year after graduation and do some sort of research before going. The main writing community I have been a part of at Michigan has been the Undergraduate Journal of Public Health. I am an editor for the “field notes” section, in which the author recounts a firsthand public health-related experience, typically a volunteer experience. We submitted our first edition for review in November and expect to have the journal published in April. What I like most about working on the journal is the content of the articles I review. What I have found most challenging about editing other people’s writing is knowing where to draw the line. In other words, while it was easy for me to alter someone else’s writing into my own voice, it was challenging to keep their voice consistent while making my own revisions.


Another writing community I was a part of was in my study abroad program in Capetown this past summer. My peers and I were tasked to keep a journal to document our trip. My program focused on human rights in South Africa and I had a chance to write about many trips I took like the one to Robin Island or to the comedy festival that I attended in Grahamstown. This journal, which focused on observing human rights and how they are protected in South Africa, gave me the opportunity to integrate a lot of choice into my writing. I liked that this journal I compiled felt more creative, less strict like the academic writing I worked on in the journal of public health. One goal I have for this course is to become a better creative writer.

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  1. Hi Jordan! I loved reading about your role at the Undergraduate Journal of Public Health, and I think it’s so cool that you want to go to med school. I also thought it was interesting that you pointed out how challenging it is to keep the writer’s voice consistent while editing work. I have definitely found the same to be true in my work–both academically and professionally. It’s great that you included a goal for this course, and I too want to become a better creative writer! I look forward to reading more of your posts this semester.

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