Mini Assignment 1

Hello, Capstone Folk!

My name is Dan and as introduction I would like to share an embarrassing anecdote that kind of captures my disposition and attitude going through life.  One day last semester, whilst biking home from class, I was riding while listening to some music and singing along.  When the song “My neck, my back” by Khia came on my playlist I didn’t think anything of it.  I started grooving and listening along to the music. There weren’t many people on the streets or sidewalk to I started singing along with a little more ambition.  Finally, when the chorus came around I was singing at full volume: “My neck, my back…like my pu**y aaaaaand my crack!”  To my horror I looked to my left and saw that in the cemetery next to me was a family burying there dead…and they had been interrupted by my foul song.  I responded baby biking ten-speed until I got home.  I took the song off of my playlist.

Two different writing communities that I have participated in are the journalistic and the personal writing communities.  The main difference between the two being that the journalistic requires that the “I” be taken out of the writing and the personal demands the complete opposite.  I feel more comfortable in the personal sphere since I am a more creative thinker and the Journalistic sector takes a bit of the freedom out of the writing.  However, that isn’t to say that these two styles do not inform each other.  The personal requires a structure and driving question in order for the narrative to have purpose, and the journalistic needs to have a similar interest to the reader in order for it not sound too dry.

This also manifests in the writing style itself.  The Journalistic style can still use scenic writing, in fact scenic writing in the third person can be what paces the style.  The personal can use a more passive and removed style for a desired affect in the writing.  When used effectively, both prove to be quite nuanced and effective.

Journalism and the Personal strive for the same thing, honest writing that provides a unique analysis and insight into a subject the reader might not have known previously about.  While I feel competent at Journalism, it is not a style that I find to be necessarily driven to.  That being said, when in the profession sphere I believe this education will be important to me since it means I can remove myself from the writing I do and the subjects I discuss.

3 thoughts to “Mini Assignment 1”

  1. Hi Dan! I’m curious about the evolution of your journalism writing. Do you think you have figured out a way to put yourself in the writing more than when you were just starting out? Looking forward to working together throughout the semester!

  2. Hey Dan! I thought it was beautiful how you have recognized that “Journalism and the Personal strive for the same thing, honest writing that provides a unique analysis and insight into a subject the reader might not have known previously about.” In coming to this realization, I’m curious – has your interest in journalism furthered over the years? Or has this removal of the “I” been the deciding factor that it is something you don’t want to pursue (as you hinted towards at the end.) See you in class!

  3. I loved how you recognized the similarities between your two communities, and how they inform each other. They’re a nice contrast in a way, providing you with the space to write more “scenic” pieces, as you say ( I love that description) while also challenging you to think of how you can take this more personal lens and push yourself to think about perhaps a similar interest you have but in a more “professional” style.

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