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Hey everyone! My name is Clint and I’m entering my final semester here. The obvious question you may ask is, “What are your plans after college?” As of now, I plan on either running away or becoming a gas station attendant.

I have been a part of several writing communities throughout my tenure at the University. The most challenging and rewarding experiences I have had occurred between my academic writing community, and as a Sweetland Writing Consultant. As a consultant, I occupy a sort of academic gray area. The typical teacher-student paradigm is challenged within the writing center. While I spend most of my time functioning within the authoritative structure of academia, the writing center carves out a unique space where peers work together on an even playing field. Instead of acting as a gatekeeper to writing knowledge (as professors are commonly portrayed), I work with student writers to help refine their writing process. Moving between these environments can be challenging. In some cases, students will come to the writing center expecting the leader-follower educational structure. This can complicate a writing session, as their expectations do not align with the more egalitarian writing center. However, the greatest opportunity within the writing center community is for both student and consultant to work more freely and collaboratively on writing. In this sense, writing feels much more authentic and community oriented. The student gains a tangible audience, and the consultant gains new insights into a variety of writing processes and styles. As a result, the writing center has offered countless student writers and consultants the chance to work outside of the complicated, hazy framework of academic writing, and move closer to a community centered writing experience.

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  1. So interesting to hear your perspective as a writing consultant. I had considered trying to become a consultant as well, but could never make it work with my schedule. So it’s nice to hear a little more about how it affected your writing!

  2. Hi Clint,

    Becoming a Sweetland Writing consultant is no easy task. Congrats on getting the position! It’s interesting to hear your struggles with working with other students, considering most people would assume this would easier than working with a professor. Super cool!

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