Remediation Idea – Janine Kerr

Hey everyone!

When we started discussing the remediation components in class, I had a very quick first idea pop into my head so that’s the one I’m going to roll with for now. My repurposed piece was/is taking a research paper on the FDA’s ban on gay men giving blood and turning it into something of an editorial discussing why the ban is no longer necessary, how its continued existence is seated deeply in discrimination, and how it has negatively impacted people of the MSM (men who have sex with men) community today.

While I’m currently studying environmental science the goal is to get my masters in public health. I have always wanted to give blood but can’t (I’m anemic), so an idea I have for my remediation is a complement – either a PSA style video or short written informational piece on how important giving blood is, and how every eligible blood donor should make an effort to donate blood each year. I think it would be really fun to carry this assignment into the realm of the other things I’m interested in studying, seeing as blood donation is absolutely Public Health and it fits in with my repurposed piece. Excited to hear your thoughts!


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