Remediation Ideas – Sanika Babtiwale

Hi everyone,

My repurposing piece was a discussion circle of Buddhist goddesses in a script form. Since one of this piece’s functions is to be read aloud, I am thinking of adapting it to a podcast format. I would like to make this piece more expressive by doing a table-read because I think people will be able to grasp the emotions I have evoked in my script. When I first thought of this idea, I remembered how people would listen to the radio for plays, stories, etc. being read aloud before the T.V. came about. I want to recreate that feeling through my script, and since goddesses are thought of as mystical, I feel this is the perfect medium.

Another idea I have is to translate my work into a poem or diary entry. I could describe the goddesses’ personalities in a haiku format, but I think the ideas from the script would be lost in this platform. For the diary entry, I would discuss the conversation in the script from each of the goddesses’ point of view, but I think that would be redundant.

I am still on the lookout for other ideas, so please let me know if there is another medium I should consider!


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