Remediation Ideas- Lauren Royce

My original piece was a letter to Jessica Valenti, a feminist author and blogger who I see as perpetuating a dialogue that spreads ineffective and negativity rather than effective negativity or optimism about women’s value and capabilities. I think if I were to take the letter and translate it into audio, it could be drastically improved because I would be able to use inflections in my voice and tone more effectively.

However, because I prefer my new piece, which is an opinion piece, I think I would prefer to complement it by adding more content and creating a collage with the original content of my opinion piece and a variety of quotes from women I interview about what being a woman means to them and how they see it affecting their lives. This would give me a broader perspective and a more personal presentation.

I also think that I could create a compilation of short-stories inspired by my opinion piece. The short-stories would all allow the reader to follow a woman throughout her day. The reader could be in their heads and experience what she is experiencing. This form would also allow me to broaden my scope with more perspectives than my own.

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