Remediation Ideas- Steve Brown

My repurposing project was on a personal narrative that I wrote in English 125 about my experiences after being diagnosed with leukemia. I repurposed my narrative into a letter written three years after the diagnosis to my 17-year old self waiting to hear that I had cancer. The letter is intended to be readable by anyone roughly my age at the time (15-23 years old) that has just been diagnosed. My hope is that the letter would assure a new patient that by staying positive, they will eventually conquer their disease and develop a stronger outlook on life because of it.


For a remediation, I thought that I could adapt my letter into a handbook. This handbook would not only what to expect physically from treatment, but how best to handle your diagnosis socially and mentally. When I was originally diagnosed, I made sure my friends knew that I would be angry if they treated me any differently because I was sick. As such, I wanted them to bust me and make fun of me just the same way they would if I wasn’t sick. This strategy along with others normalized my life as much as possible. I think advice on how to handle difficult social situations during this time would be helpful to a young adult balancing the stresses of treatment.


Another idea I had was to translate my personal narrative into a children’s book. This book would be directed towards a younger audience than the one I am addressing in my repurposing and could be helpful for parents explaining the nature of a cancer diagnosis to a child that is young, but old enough to understand some of what is happening to them. This book would of course be positive and could also be shared with classmates and friends of a younger child that do not understand the situation that their friend is going through.

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