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I’m currently wavering between two papers that I’d like to repurpose. The first paper is a Political Science 101 Commentary Assignment, about 650 words that also includes a political cartoon that I drew as a supplement to the paper. I wrote this commentary about an important environmental issue that affects my family and friends at home: the California Water Crisis. I write specifically about the variance in awareness and action for the water crisis across California. Some areas clearly suffer and show awareness to the cause, while other communities (including mine) flaunt water as if there were no issue at all! It’s a paper about irony but I just think I could make it better! Better language, stronger imagery to show what I see on a daily basis at home, and more powerful evidence to want to make Californians wake up and make a change! I’d even consider enhancing the cartoon drawing, and formatting the entire thing to look like a professional, appealing commentary for a major news network or paper. There is also so much updated information (one year later) that I could use to strengthen the paper, or I could add onto it as if I gave it a break and came back to it one year later to compare/contrast (A similar approach that the the movie “Boyhood” used to tell a story over time).


The other paper I’m considering repurposing is a little more personal — it’s a story about how I have moved away from strict religious codes in order to grow as an individual, develop my own views, and define my faith. It’s specifically about losing my virginity (without racy details or anything like that, don’t worry!) and what impact or prior worries that virginity brings up in terms of my faith and devotion to moral “laws” that my Christian elementary school tried to ingrain into my head. I wrote this “Enriched Narrative” for my LHSP 125 class with Ray last year, coincidentally. While I think it was a good paper that scored well, after a full year of college since completing the class, I think I am ready to delve deeply into the essay to make it feel more like a novel, drawing the reader in and making the reader worry about my changes in faith, beliefs, etc. This paper needs to be less cheesy/corny — straight up. It offers some pretty cool biblical analogies too, but needs expansion in some areas and cuts in others.


Let me know what you guys think! Both papers are special to me personally, but they offer two very different types of writing.

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  1. Hi Hudson,

    Both of your ideas are compelling, but I think the second option is better for a couple of reasons. First, there is a lack of these kinds of ideas being expressed from the male perspective, which I think would make for an interesting paper. I also think the second option would be a more difficult choice, which may not seem good, but it would probably push you more as a writer to get out of your comfort zone and improve than writing an argumentative piece about a less controversial subject.

    Because the second option is so controversial, I think you may need to be somewhat diplomatic in your approach. Even if the people reading your paper are all against religion, which will likely not be the case, it is possible that completely degrading an entire religion would turn off some readers. However, I think honesty and vulnerability will also add to the “straight up” tone you’re trying to achieve. Maintaining a balance of those two considerations would ensure a thought-provoking paper.

    I also think that it would be beneficial for your paper to be generalizable and relevant to others. While this is your personal narrative, and you don’t necessarily have to make generalized statements about religion or “moral laws,” I think the way in which you present your story will affect how applicable and thought-provoking it is to readers. I would suggest ensuring that you explain how you came to the conclusions you did about having to “develop your own views” and “define [your] faith” the way you did.

    I think this will turn out to be an intriguing paper. Hope I helped in some way!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback, Lauren! I agree with everything you just said, and I never thought about how important it’s going to be to make sure I don’t easily “offend” or “turn off” readers that may have certain interests. Great insight, thanks!


  2. Hey Hudson –

    I see two great options that you cannot go wrong with either one.

    I connect with the first idea simply because I too have lived through the California drought and see people’s mindsets on the issue. With everything that has changed over the past year, the situation is drastically different than it was a year ago. With that said, at least in my observations, I’ve seen people sort of return to their pre-drought behaviors and attitudes toward water, when I think that people should be more aware of their water usage because of the past year. People don’t mind wasting water because they can say, “Oh, we’re not in a drought anymore.” If you could write a paper that shows that because this drought just happened, we need to be more cognizant of our water consumption to prepare for future droughts, I think that you’d have a powerful piece that could persuade some people. Definitely not the only way you could go with your repurposing, but it could be an option for you. I’d be curious to find out where you want to go with this idea.

    I also believe that you could write a deeply touching and moving paper on your second idea you write about. One aspect that I would be curious about with this paper is how would you connect with the reader? It is clearly a very personal paper, so I’d be curious what exactly your purpose in writing is in this situation. Do you simply want to tell a story? Do you want to teach the reader something? Or do you plan to persuade the reader to be more open-minded (or whatever you want to persuade them)? I imagine that if you go with this option, you’d most likely have some blend of these purposes, but I think it’d be important to know what your plan is for the reader early on in the writing process. I trust that you have at least a general idea of what you want to do.

    Thanks for sharing! Let me know if there’s anyway I can help with your writing!
    – Justin

  3. Hey Hudson,

    For your first idea with the water drought: I’m majoring in environmental science so that whole issue is something pretty relevant to me and something I care quite a bit about. I really love the “boyhood” idea you mentioned towards the end — it would be fascinating to create a chronological sketch of sorts to really capture how the water culture is changing (if it is), and in what ways. Political cartoons are so often satirical, so it also might be interesting to turn the entire piece (cartoon included) into something informative but also advocating for changed behaviors and increased awareness in terms of our water usage. If you can really portray the cultural differences in certain communities and how that might impact certain groups long term I think you’d have a very interesting piece of writing.

    I also think your idea on religion/losing your virginity is very intriguing. I was raised in a similar way, taught to follow certain “laws” and believe in certain things in reference to religion. As I’ve gotten older it’s been an interesting journey sorting out what I actually believe in versus what I was “fed”. The audience for a paper like that will actually be pretty large I think, especially seeing as our generation has a bit of a different relationship with religion than our parents. The biggest thing to watch out for if you go down that path is to avoid generalizing. People can take religion very seriously, so if you make claims that really only apply to yourself yet phrase them as something “we” all think then you run the risk of offending people and losing an audience.

    I think either choice would be great — go with whatever you’re more excited to write about! Hope I helped some.


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