Shameless Plug: Call for Creative Nonfcition

Does prefacing something with shameless plug make it any less shameful? I’d like to think so, but then again, it might be like when someone says no offense and you brace yourself, because you know that means they’re about to say something offensive. On the other end of the spectrum, maybe a plug doesn’t need to have the word shameless in front of it, because asking for others to help you accomplish something shouldn’t be shameful in the first place?

Okay, anyway, let’s get to the part where I promote my self-interested agenda. After all, you must be interested in it if you clicked on this post knowing it was a shameless plug.

So, for my Capstone project, I am creating a handbook/book type thing tentatively called A Young Writer’s Guide to Creative Nonfiction. I want to use my experience as a young writer who primarily writes within this genre to help others learning the art of creative nonfiction. But, here’s the thing, what’s a guide without examples?

Yes, here it is: the shameless plug. I want to use your essays in my book, so that young writers can learn from the exemplary work of their peers. I’ve dropped the link below for the submission requirements and the licensing agreement. Please help a girl out and send me your creative nonfiction essays, so my Capstone will rock and I can graduate.


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