Writing 220 Introduction: Ellie Flom

Hey hey hey,

My name is Ellie and I am a sophomore studying Business. I also have very little direction as to what exactly I want to do within business, so feel free to HMU with any and all advice and expertise.

When I entered college, I expected English 125 to be the beginning and the end of my writing career. It ended up being my favorite class.  For me, writing had always been more of a private and personal pursuit. If I was upset, or confused, or even just plain pissed off, I would write about it in a journal. Ranting on paper was an outlet that let me express my feelings without any consequences, and I often discovered things I didn’t even know I was feeling until I had written it down. My relationship with writing was so personal, in fact, that I was always scared to let others read what I had written. In English 125, however, we focused heavily on peer review-which, due to my fear of someone else reading my writing and promptly hating it, terrified me at first. It took a while, but through this class I learned how to just write unapologetically, and this experience is what inspired me to keep writing through the minor. My previous english classes have helped me learn how to write with purpose and ask “so what?” in regards to every argument I make, and I expect the MIW will expand my thinking even more and help me discover more about myself through my writing.

Some other things about me: Outside of school, I enjoy singing in the U of M Women’s Glee Club and looking at pictures of dogs. Also, I have always loved heights; I spent my summer working on a high ropes challenge course and zipline, and have also gone cliff jumping and skydiving.

Here’s to a great semester!


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