Hi Everyone!

My name is Sam Hund! I’m a sophomore just beginning my Minor in Writing! I’m so excited to be a part of this program. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself:

Why MIW?
In middle school I was taught that a proper essay had five paragraphs. While this concept was modified in high school, I was still left with little to no freedom, as my essays needed to have on introduction paragraph, three “subclaims”, and a conclusion. I think it was because of these constraints that I was never able to appreciate or enjoy writing. However, all of this changed when I entered my English 125 class. This was the first time that I had the option to write in my own style. More importantly, this class taught me that I don’t have to know all of the answers before I sit down to write. Instead, it fostered a concept – one that I want to continue to appreciate and refine – in which the process of writing, itself, can be what leads one to the discovery of an answer or conclusion.

What inspires me?
Everything. When I am assigned a prompt, I use everyday occurrences, objects, etc. as inspirations leading to further analyses. However, I have noticed that I am particularly drawn to topics in feminism and style. These are two things that I am passionate, educated, and opinionated on, making it particularly easy to further investigate.

How do I spend my time while at school?
If I’m not in class, I am most likely in the Espresso Royale on South University, studying for the classes that count towards my Cellular and Molecular Biology major. I may also be researching the behavior of glycoproteins in Dr. MacAlister’s lab, or hanging out with my friends in my sorority house. Lastly, I love running in the Arb (when it’s not so miserable out) or taking spin classes at my new obsession, MVMNT Indoor Cycling.









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