Writing 220: Introduction

Hello Everyone,

My name is Marine Barjol I am a junior majoring in Political science with a minor in translation studies and a minor in writing. I am an international student from Normandy, France and I am really excited to be part of this minor.


Why MIW?

Before coming to the University of Michigan I would have never thought of choosing to minor in writing. I never really minded writing the typical five paragraph essays but I did not think of myself as a writer, writing these essays was just me being a student not a writer. However, my English 125 class with professor Schutz changed that. I realized that I could write differently about topics I was interested in and really enjoy it, enjoy the process and what was coming out of it. Thanks to this class and my wish to constantly improve my English, I decided to write more and to keep discovering more about what being a writer and not only a student writing essays means for me.


What inspires me?

Just about everything can be a source of inspiration to me. Once I have a topic, I let my mind wonder and start writing and rewriting this future paper in my mind as ideas come along. However, I am usually interested in writing about current events or something new to me that I can research and create my own idea of.


More about me:

When I am not in class or studying, I spend most of my time at my sorority house where I live, either working out with my roommate, spending time on skype or facetime with my family and friends from France, or planning my next adventure as I love to travel and discover new places and cultures.


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