Writing 220 Introduction: Josie Jakary

Hey guys! My name is Josie Jakary and I am a sophomore majoring in BCN on a pre-law track.

So why did I choose the Minor in Writing? Great question because I never enjoyed writing until I got to the University of Michigan. The five-paragraph essays were a complete bore throughout middle school and high school, and I felt as though I was writing nothing more than a summary of a book or research. When I came here, English 125 (and my awesome professor Tricia Khleif) changed not only my perspective on writing, but the class taught me how to attack abstract writing and showed me how to write with a purpose.

What mostly inspires me to write is my experiences. Sure, everyone has them and one’s life will be complex in its own way, but I just write in hopes to make sense of what I seemingly think to be an odd life. Within the last five years, my parents got divorced, I have lived in six different cities, I recently became a part of a multiracial/multicultural/multifaith family, and I have varied in socioeconomic statuses and locations. So within many of these changes, struggles, and exciting events, writing has simply become a mainstream outlet for me when I cannot put into words my thoughts and feelings surrounding these experiences.

Some other fun facts about me, I am still not able to stay away from writing because I do sometimes write my own lyrics and songs while playing my guitar! I also loves the outdoors; running and soccer are some decent talents of mine. As for involvement here on campus, I am currently working in a lab analyzing emotion regulation and self-control. I currently just got put in charge of two new studies coming out this semester, so fingers crossed that they run successfully! Lastly, I am extremely excited to be volunteering as a Girls on the Run Coach this spring through my sorority.

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