A Date to Remember

We pulled up to the restaurant, the parking lot was packed with cars. It was a bit of a shock because on a normal weeknight this would have been empty. I looked over at my date. He smiled.

“Maybe we should have gotten reservations?” He said with a nervous laugh. I looked down at my hands, they were shaking, I was nervous.

“I’m pretty sure they do not normally take them.” I replied.

We walked into the building and were greeted with a longer line. He walked up to the hostess. I pushed my hands against my jeans and waited to see what would happen.

My date came back with a smile on his face, “It’s only a fifteen minute wait.”

I nodded. I scanned what I could see of the room. Every table was filled with an even number of people. This is what Valentine’s Day looks like at the only restaurant in the county.

Soon it was our time to sit. As soon as the waitress took our order, conversation just flowed. We talked about everything, from childhood memories to opinions on the current popular songs. I realized how easy it was to talk to him and my heart pounded on, faster. Is this what I think it is? Could this be?

Before I knew it we had finished our food. The waitress came up to our table. “Your meal has been paid for, would you like dessert?”

I couldn’t believe it, had someone seen what I had thought? Who was this kind person? Where were they sitting? I looked at my date, my wide eyes and mouth open were mirrored in his face. I couldn’t believe it.

We got lucky this first Valentine’s Day date. Four Valentine’s Days¬†later, we have yet to repeat getting our meal paid for by some kind soul. But those feelings I felt haven’t gone away. We got lucky that first V-Day, but I am lucky every day with Joel by my side.


Joel and I, Cru’s Christmas Formal 2016

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