Adulting so hard it hurts

So all this Capstone-ing and creating this book that will be used as a teaching tool reminded me that I’m going to be a teacher next year. I got an email that I passed all the exams for the state of North Carolina that I needed to while I was doing research for my Capstone and I was like…. WAIT…. I’m actually going to be a teacher next year.

I accepted a job with Teach For America to teach elementary school next year. 20 small children will be relying on me to teach them things. It’s safe to say I am totally freaking out right.about.NOW. I didn’t major in education or anything like that, so I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on things I learned during my time at U of M that will be useful. Two things college has definitely¬†taught me how to function on no sleep and how to ball on a budget– both of which will be great skills for when I am a teacher next year.

(idk i just thought this was a great mention of Teach For America on none other than The Office!)

As I begin to put together the book for my Capstone project, I am doing something I thought that I would never do, just as I never thought I would be a teacher. This resonates nicely with one of the most important things that I have learned about writing.

Don’t go into something you’re writing already knowing how it’ll end. You can have an idea, but if you’ve already planned the ending, then what’s the point?

I’ve always had my life planned out, year by year, minute by minute. High school, U of M, law school, assistant prosecutor, prosecutor, judge, congress, governor, president. That was the plan. A lot of those things might still happen, but at some point along the way, I realized that you have to let other things happen too.


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