Boiler Plate Examples

Hi Everyone,

After looking back at my letter of interest for the writing minor, I found a few top notch  boilerplate examples:

“While I am extremely proud of this writing sample, I hope that, if accepted into the program, I will vary from the norm in order to discover new realizations about myself as a writer.”

“The limitlessness of the keyboard is ultimately rooted in the writer’s ability to execute variation. What is variation in the context of writing? It is the ability to creatively and elegantly communicate in a unique way.”

“Throughout my time at the University of Michigan, I have tried making each piece of writing distinct, innovative, and different from the norm.”

These vague, generalized, and sometimes pretentious quotes, while they may seem annoying and unnecessary, are actually, in my opinion, necessary for this kind of an assignment. It might be impossible (or very difficult) to apply for a program without using boilerplate. I found myself using boilerplate and then undoing some of the damage by expounding on my point after the boilerplate.


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