Boilerplate – Casey Lyons

Reading through my letter of intent for the writing minor actually made me cringe. The amount of boilerplate that is in a 2-page letter is absolutely ridiculous – but also a bit humorous if you ask me. I’ve pointed out some of my favorites below:

To me, writing is a skill, one that you can perfect with time and practice, and it is imperative to communication in all aspects of life.

I honestly don’t know what point I was trying to make here. Reading it again, all I can see is that I needed an outlet to say why writing is important and apparently I think that because it allows me to communicate? I really hope so, Case.

This program, with the intensity and variation of different writing practices, gives me the ability to broaden my horizons as a student.

Please someone explain what horizons I’m trying to broaden…I think I was making the point that my major doesn’t allow for much creative outlet, but instead of explicitly stating that, I decided to to use the most cliche phrase I have ever heard.

I am passionate about writing, and I am passionate about my own growth as a well-rounded student.

Can you tell I really want to be in this program? Because instead of stating that I want to pursue writing for the learned skill and my personal passion for the task, I have to note that I want to be a well-rounded student, as well.

What others may brush off as unimportant, I find the most crucial and pertinent to my ability to express myself and pursue my several passions.

I was talking about the communicative measure of writing again and how it is not touched upon in my major. I don’t know why I could not just explicitly say that this minor will open many doors that I don’t have available to me in my major field of study, but instead I have to fill in space by saying it’s crucial and pertinent to my passions.

I could definitely dig up more if you want to hear anymore of the ridiculous phrases I have put in application letters..

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