Boilerplate Material- Steve

There was not as much boilerplate in my original application letter as I thought and I was mostly truthful about my interests in writing. However, there were MANY boilerplate phrases thrown into meaningful sentences in hopes of trying to amplify their value. This was, after all, an application to a writing program. I have emphasized boilerplate elements in bold:

“English 125 and English 225 have provided me a space to learn how to support my arguments with comprehensive supporting evidence, and I would like to continue building this skill through the Minor in Writing program.”

The writing sample I have submitted as part of the Minor in Writing application reflects my passion for exploring new writing techniques and experimenting with particular rhetorical devices

“Additionally, the program’s goal to ensure students are able to develop complex arguments inside and outside of academia is intriguing to me.”

A minor in writing will provide me with communication skills that will benefit me in any endeavor I pursue.


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