So many boilerplates, so little time…here are two from separate applications:

–From my college application:

I’m a 21st century explorer. I experiment with things; many things. And sometimes I get lost. But the good kind of lost; like being lost in music, or a sports game.

Why did I include this in my application? To be honest, it sounded very…powerful at the time. Or compelling or something. I underlined the part that seemed the most “boilerplate-y”. I was trying to explain that I find something meaningful in my weaknesses/failures, and that there is something to gain from them.

–From my writing minor application:

I write because I have a constant urge to.

Oh man…uh…again, this seemed compelling this fall when I submitted it. The statement above isn’t untrue, it just doesn’t explain why I want to write at all. I mean, people do everything that they do because they have the urge to. What else stimulates a decision?


Is boilerplating a major/ how does one apply?

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