Boilterplate Examples- Royce

Hello all!

Here are some examples of boilerplate I found in my letter of interest to the program:

“The routine is particularly pleasant to me because it allows me to begin my day creating knowledge.” (referring to my love for sitting down with my laptop and coffee at a coffee shop)

This one is not true. I’m probably not creating knowledge because I’m not saying anything so profound that no one has ever thought of the idea I’m articulating, but it’s a nice thought. The idea would be more accurate if I said, “it allows me to contemplate ideas.”

“Because of my affinity for both the practice and the product, the writing and the creation of meaning, I am inclined to pursue a career in business communication.”

This is partially true. I do enjoy writing, and I know it will be a large part of a career in business communication, but there’s a lot more to it than that, and I’m simplifying quite a bit. Though I do think it makes more sense to say “creation of meaning” here because using words is creating meaning even if it isn’t novel.

“Ultimately, I hope to improve my abilities to create pieces that are relevant in academic and non-academic contexts because the academic works have infinite and inherent value beyond the classroom, and specifically in the realm of business communication.”

I do think academic pieces have value beyond the classroom, and I do hope to write things that are relevant in both contexts, but I’m not sure if the word”infinite” is accurate in this context. There will be a point when you have squeezed all of the possible value out of a piece. It’s just difficult to do.

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