Channeling my inner Rory Gilmore


For the past three months, I have been mulling over the most difficult and important decision of my life–where I want to attend medical school. As one of the few students who actually gets to make this decision, I feel beyond blessed to have been accepted to multiple schools. While I have narrowed down my choices to two, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine and Wayne State University School of Medicine, I am now stuck.

Last Monday I was able to shadow an M1 at OUWB and today I shadowed an M2 at Wayne. I noticed immediately that the two schools are very different in terms of curriculum, environment and clinical opportunities. The trouble with these differences is that I cannot decide which aspects are most important to my decision-making process.

Similarly to how Twyla Tharp uses a box as her organizational system, I have followed in Rory Gilmore’s Pro/Con List footsteps. For difficult decisions, both Rory and I turn to writing a pro/con lists for inspiration. With a notebook full of scribbled facts, likes, dislikes and questions about each school, I had plenty of material to work with from both interview days and shadowing experiences. When I sat down to look over these notes and each school’s website, my bullet points quickly evolved into page-long columns of pros and cons. While I still have until April 30th to make my final decision, I know that this classic writing exercise has helped me (as it has often helped Rory) in the right direction.

Stay tuned for updates during the decision process….

I also just realized that this decision has completely consumed my mind and I have failed to connect it to my project what-so-ever. So here is my attempt to do so:

  • Just as pro/con lists have always helped me make decisions, I need to remember which writing techniques have been successful in the past. These could be useful throughout the entire project. Some examples: free writing ideas and editing as I go.
  • Sometimes it helps just to write. If I am having trouble with my project, it may be helpful just to write down my ideas, what questions I have or even make a list of what exactly needs to be done and when.
  • This blog post also made me realize that I am very type A and like things to be organized in certain ways. That being said, I think it will be important for me to keep that in mind when designing my project and educational resource website.

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