Dreams and Nightmares

When I was thirteen, I loved the Jonas Brothers. In particular, I loved Nick since he and I shared the same curse of having Type 1 Diabetes.

I remember dreaming that he and his brothers were visiting my family, and on their way out of the house, I stepped out of my comfort zone and boldly asked Nick if we could keep in touch and email each other, since I was terrified of telephones.

“Yeah, maybe”, his nonchalant voice threw back at me.


Growing up, I was regularly visited by distinctive dreams. I don’t remember all of them, though I do recall several ending with me jumping off of a downtown high-rise. However, there is one dream, or nightmare rather, that I will never forget.

It was around twilight in my small suburban neighborhood in Wisconsin, and T-Rexes were invading our town and causing mass destruction. I looked outside through our family room window and saw dozens of towering dinosaurs prancing around the houses. Next thing I know, I was cornered by velociraptors in our same family room. They were led by a similar yet unidentifiable creature. I don’t recall whether he was a person or animal, or some hybrid, but he led the pack as they slowly moved in closer, closer, closer…

Then I woke.

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