Give Me Money – Gentrification

Changing cities and changing demographics are two related issues that lie at the forefront of challenges we face as American’s today. As a politically polarized generation, today’s young people have opinions on what ought to be done politically, but do not necessarily understand the implications of choices they make regarding policy which affects other people. In regards to changing cities, gentrification reflects our societies’ conflicting attitudes towards preservation of culture, urban renewal, and social inequality. While everyone seemingly has an opinion that they stand ready to defend – either in support of or in opposition to gentrification – one thing is for certain: paying attention to, monitoring, and influencing our public sector can have a dramatic impact on the ways in which urban renewal can be a force for good. It is of critical importance for a wider array of people to understand gentrification, and to realize the ways in which they can get involved to make cities better places for all Americans. In addition, as a generation that is so much more politically involved and opinionated, it will be important for projects like mine to set a precedent to better informing people with voting powers, so they can make proper, unobstructed, unbiased decisions that impact our people. I believe that this project will empower people to make better decisions, which reflect their values, and hopefully, will help us to hold our public institutions more accountable for serving our most vulnerable people.

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