If I’m being totally honest, I feel as if between my annotated bib, project mini assignments etc., I am becoming absurdly repetitive as we continue to work toward completing our capstone projects. I have introduce my patronus, Russell Kirk, on too many occasions either via my writing or directly to my class/blog group in a workshop setting. I thought, initially, that choosing Kirk as my patronus could be beneficial in helping me to better understand the original focus of my project. However, now that my project’s angle has shifted, I’m pretty much over Kirk and his “Ten Conservative Principles” (which eerily feltĀ as if they mimickedĀ the ten commandments).

Trying to write an introduction was reassuring because, at the very least, it confirmed that my interest in my new topic is genuine. By the way, rather than focusing solely on modern American conservatism, I am hoping to explore the impact of our frequent use of such terms to define the way people think in American society. One question I might ask myself as I continue my research might be: is considering yourself to be either conservative or liberal beneficial to the overall progress of American society? I would almost consider that question to be rhetorical, but I know many that might disagree. I still intend to interview these people. BUT, I’ve given up on the idea of recording these interviews with a video camera (it just did not seem practical).

I have a lot to figure out before I am ready to work toward submitting something on March 10th. Luckily, Spring “break” has arrived. I hope to use the upcoming week to answer questions like what form should my renovated project idea be presented in. Podcast? A series of think pieces? Memes? I am not too worried, though. As soon as I commit to one form or another, now that I have my questions/arguments set, I think I’ll begin to make some serious strides.

If I were to share a tentative plan of attack it would be this: continue to examine the effects of the Trump presidency (and more importantly the realization that the Republican party is made up of more than what should be considered to be conservative), as well as the accuracy (or rather the inaccuracy) of the terms and labels we use to define our political beliefs and values. Then, I just need to start writing stuff.

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