I finally have a title!

One of my biggest concerns and anxieties throughout this process was choosing a title for my podcast. As you’ll see in my presentation today in class, I finally came up with a title for my podcast that focuses on how different social media environments impact our behaviors: The Chat Room.

I came up with it very randomly, as most ideas do, while talking with one of my roommates. I think this name will remind millennials and older listeners of the archaic “Chat Room” on AOL messenger or AIM messenger, causing them to not only feel nostalgic but perhaps laugh at themselves. This name will also bode well for introductions, because the first question I will ask each guest is to choose a screenname for The Chat Room. I think not only will this make them laugh and feel more comfortable sharing throughout the podcast, but it might reveal some emotions they have about what and why they share online and the identity they associate themselves with online versus in-person.

I have yet to create a logo or image for my podcast, but definitely want to start creating that soon so I can show my guests a more finished product when we are editing the podcast together. In my research, I found that including guests in the editing process will make them feel more engaged and proud of their work, causing them to share this podcast organically among their friends and family. This is essential to my podcast’s success, because having my guests share will make it accessible and intriguing to a much larger network than I could possibly share in my own network.

So, what screenname would you choose? My middle school screenname was pinkdrmaqueen125…so take with that what you will.

Thanks for listening!




Anna Prenzler

Anna is a senior studying business with a minor in writing at the University of Michigan. She believes you can never sing or laugh enough, and you must write things down for two reasons - to remember what happens in your life and to feel something.

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