In My Eyes: An Investigation of Misconception and an Argument for Female Reproductive Rights

Recently, president Donald J Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have made promises to defund Planned Parenthood in an effort to restrict—and ultimately—ban abortion in the U.S. Why is this wrong? Why does it matter?

In my eyes, a woman should have the right to her own body. In my eyes, pro-life ethic conflicts with the basic human right of personal autonomy. In my eyes, government has no place impeding the reproductive decisions of any of its citizens, regardless of sex. My project realizes however, that the “truth” I hold in my eyes is not true for everyone. Additionally, in this novel era of misinformation, false news stories, and alternative facts, what does the word “truth” mean anymore? How is the general public supposed to ingest knowledge and protect themselves from false information and bias? How has the recent disregard for factual evidence affected American policy and what does it mean for our future?

Investigating how different and often opposing truths came to be is imperative in understanding the nature of this culture war around reproductive rights and abortion. I aim to illuminate the true nature of Planned Parenthood and extinguish the stigma that pervades popular opinion. I aim to identify how these misconceptions came to be and ask myself and my audience, what do these misconceptions convey about the social values that dominate U.S. politics and how can we contest them?

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