Remaining Objective in a Subjective World

One of the main objectives of my Capstone project was to remain objective. Journalism and news today is so biased and exists for so many different political, social, and personal interests, and I wanted to help inspire a new genre of journalism that put objectivity at the top of its priority list. This task, however, is more difficult than I thought.

Remaining objective is one of the most important characteristics in ideal journalism. Journalism exists as a source of information for the people of a democracy. This information is “supposed to” be unbiased, thorough, and come from all ends of the political and social spectrum. The people of the democracy are then tasked with reading all of this information and deciding which viewpoint they personally believe in. This was the sort of objectivity I was hoping to replicate in my magazine project.

Objectivity is not just important for the people of a democracy, but it is extremely important for the women of a democracy. Today, men in the government are largely responsible for making decisions about issues that relate directly to women. While this lack of say in such issues is demeaning to women, it also suggests that women need not inform themselves about such issues since they ultimately have little to no influence in the decision making processes. This is the reason why women need to be more informed. By educating women, they can take a stance on issues that impact their lives and hopefully have more control relating to such issues. This can only be accomplished, however, if the information that women receive is objective and honest.

As I begin to write about issues that are significant to women, I find myself entering territory that can be viewed as biased. This is the case especially when I talk about politics and politicians. I had planned to make Donald Trump a major part of my magazine, but after presenting my project to the class, I realized that there is a way to talk about Donald Trump’s relation to women without have him be the focus of the content. Instead of focusing on “Donald Trump and Women’s Reproductive Rights” and I should instead focus on just women’s reproductive rights, and Donald Trump’s legislation might be mentioned at times, but it does not have to be the main focus.

As a result, I have learned why objectivity is so uncommon in the news today. In theory, it is ideal and just. In reality, it can be extremely difficult to execute.


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