The Dreaded (yet always exciting) Pivot

In my entrepreneurship classes, I’ve learned that people often pivot during their endeavors, meaning that they quite literally move in a completely new and different direction partway through their project. The scary part? This is often after a good chunk of work has already been done. I pivoted big time last week after having a discussion with my friends about my capstone project.

Hearing their comments and suggestions was humorous.

“Oh, we know you love to people watch, Kelly.”

“It sounds like you’re looking mostly at people on their devices. Why can’t you write about that?”

“You love watching people–both in person and on social media!”

This reaffirmed that I was in the right genre, but my topic needed a little tweaking. After some brainstorming with Clint in class, I made an executive decision and did a lot of thinking and working on my Wix website this weekend. I’m still observing people, but now I will be focusing on people who are using technology in public, even when they’re surrounded by others. I’ll explore the idea of if it inhibits social interaction or not through three creative nonfiction stories. Now, I’m even more excited about my project and I’m ready to really get going. I’m a dork when it comes to human behavior, and I don’t care who knows it.

I’ll also probably need some help from you guys soon. I plan on creating a Google Form that asks about your own technology/social media usage, and how you perceive it impedes on your social life.

As always, thanks for reading!

Kelly Hall

I'm a junior at the University of Michigan studying Psychology with minors in Writing and Entrepreneurship. I love writing about community events, especially those involving sports. On campus, I spend most of my time at the Michigan Daily, where I'm a sports editor and writer.

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