The Job Hunt

Since I arrived at school for my senior year, there is one ritual that has consumed a good hour and a half of every day, and that is the job search. Every day I go on all of the big magazine publisher’s career sites, LinkedIn, and Ed2010, a site that posts positions for aspiring magazine editors. Some days I will find my dream job, and some days nothing. Then I get all excited, I apply to my dream job, and think that someone will see it in my resume and my cover letter that I am the perfect fit. But then I remember that I am still 2 months away from graduation and most of the positions I am applying for will be filled in two weeks. And then I sulk, and wonder if I am ever going to cross that threshold of beginning my career path, and have any idea about my future stability post college. I scan my resume and I know that I have great experience, and I know my cover letter is cute, funny and sounds like me, but alas, I am in a sea of women who have great experience, and personal cover letters.

At this point, I am a little discouraged but I have to keep the faith, and I have to keep applying and reaching out. This project, if well executed will be an awesome thing to show of to potential future employers, and beyond that, will prove to myself that I can do something beyond just write magazine articles; I can do it all: the full spectrum of a campaign: social, editorial, and an ad. I have wanted to explore this territory for so long and I hope that executing this, and executing it well, will if nothing else, boost my confidence when it comes to the job search and give me something new to try to brag about 😉

Sophie Burton

Sophomore in LSA, from Minnesota. I love yoga and sea salt truffles.

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