What do the judicial system and slavery have in common?

Slavery still exists in the United States. It lies directly beneath, yet above us, and is continuing and expanding every single day. The judicial system is our new slavery, and the poor are our new slaves. This has become some kind of messed up common knowledge amongst researchers and professionals alike, yet we have done nothing to stop it. In true American fashion, we won’t go down without a fight, or even a war. When will it come to this? My estimate is soon. We cannot continue to exist in a society where discrimination runs rampant and instead of building an equal society we label the lesser as criminals and put them into a system designed to betray them. These are not criminals, they are not murderers, and they are not less of a human than you or me. But if you were to put any of us in the situation that they call life, we would have no choice. I will not continue to manipulate the unspoken as a way to make profit. I will not stand for police brutality, unequal education, or the continuation of this prison system, and neither should you. This chapter will illuminate why we are in the place where we are, the people who are truly suffering from these decisions, and how we can do something.

Lexi Wung

Lexi is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Psychology with minors in Writing and Entrepreneurship. She will be joining the Teach For America Baltimore Corps after graduation to teach High School English. She will also be receiving her masters degree concurrently from Johns Hopkins.

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