why you should INVEST in my project on social impact INVESTing

I imagine that as a professor, you thoroughly enjoy watching your students grow, learn, and challenge themselves. Well, I can assure you that I will grow, learn, and challenge myself a great deal through this project, a project that has piqued my interest and will build upon my passions.

My curiosity is record-high, and there are many questions that I have begun to and are excited to ask. Intellectual curiosity makes the world of academia go ‘round, and I have plenty of (perhaps too much) intellectual curiosity at this moment. While it may sound overly optimistic, I also believe that there is potential for me to discover something new or something that was overlooked—or to see something in a different way.

Furthermore, this project presents an opportunity for me to make a difference in people’s perceptions, and to inform them of their abilities to be active, virtuous members of society. While I am only one individual, and it is inherently difficult for me to change the world on my own, I do intend to use this project and the research that comes out of it to make the world a better place (even if ever so slightly).

And, well, by investing in my project about social impact investing, you are subsequently making a social impact investment yourself —which, after reading my final paper, you will understand is an investment worth making.

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