DMC Orientation Response

North Campus has always seemed like a foreign land to me. The buildings that house the engineers, musicians, actors, and artists are daunting. The dreaded bus commute from central is a deterrent. The library where engineers cry as they try to finish their projects at 3 am, only to have messed up one line of code, seemed like a somber place. A space full of technology but not accessible to me. After making the trek up to the land of people more talented or better at math than me, I have gained a new perspective.

Touring the DMC, I saw the incredible tools that are available for students to use. The recording studio and the video studio were both incredible impressive. It is so cool that we have these on our campus for our use! It had me dreaming up projects and going back to my childhood dream of working in the movies. It was cool to see what you could do with GroundWorks, how it allowed for people to be working with software they might not be able to afford otherwise. (aka me, a poor college student, who works two jobs in the summer and still can’t afford tuition hahahaha)

With all the technology and new things I saw, it all still felt pretty inaccessible.

A small reason I felt this way was because I am unclear on the rules. Are we allowed to use these tools when we do not have a project? If only allowed when you have a project, that’s pretty sad as I have so many ideas on how I could use this equipment. It would be cool to be able to make projects with my friends for fun!

However, the biggest reason is because of the complexity of the software and craft. How I wish there was a class on production of online video, where students could take for credit a course that teaches the basics of the software! Instead, I worry that in using some of it I will be flailing around trying to figure out how it works before the deadline. I worry that I won’t know how to use the tools to my advantage and create the best quality I can. I worry I won’t be able to properly put it to use.

I really like video making and the DMC gives me the opportunity to do so and in high quality. That is… if I’m allowed to just try and learn how to use all of it!
Thanks for the opportunity T!

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