~DMC Tour Reflection~

It’s truly amazing what is available for our use at the Duderstadt Media Center. I was first introduced to the recording studio and video room last year while creating projects with some friends, and was totally impressed by what I saw. I agree with Adele that the top-of-the-line equipment is quite overwhelming, especially for someone like me (since I feel accomplished after putting together a 30-second video in iMovie). However, I know from experience that the center does provide friendly and helpful assistants who will guide you through the recording and taping process, and make it everything you want it to be.

I was thankful that we were able to have the “full tour” and be introduced to the personal studios, particularly the one that reminded me of a newscasting set with the bright lights. I could definitely see myself using that space in the future for formal interviews or fancy presentations (perhaps for a Capstone project). Of course, this can only happen after I become more comfortable with technology and refine my pitiful iMovie skills. 😉

Many thanks again to T. for arranging the tour! 🙂

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