Ethan Wolfe: Mixed Feelings

Narrate a reading experience that was composed of positive and negative judgement 

When I prepared to read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, I carried the expectation that I would breeze through the book with overwhelming satisfaction and maybe some eye-opening lessons in storytelling. It also seemed like another opportunity to expand my pop culture knowledge.

As I began, I was instantly intrigued by the hilarious plot, immoral actions of Duke and Dr. Gonzo, and the uniquely sister illustrations. As I continued on, I was introduced to more characters who were laughably befuddled by the two main characters, and there existed a genuine plot build up towards the news event that Duke had to cover in the midst of his drug-induced weekend.

About halfway through the novel, the event Duke covered had concluded and I was mystified by how the story could continue for another 100-some pages. But as a matter of fact, it didn’t really continue. The remaining plot consisted of redundancies of similar raucous experiences that Thompson had mentioned earlier in the book. I became quickly disinterested and questioned whether I actually wanted to continue reading. I did, but frankly, the remaining details are fairly hazy to me because my goal for the book at that point was just to finish it.

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