I Read to Judge

Here’s what I learned about myself as a reader: I read to judge.

So…what does that say about my desires/preferences as a writer?

I want readers to sit down, read the text, and come out of it with something meaningful that’s not clouded by judgmental thoughts. Of course, part of this hope is motivated by my¬†fear¬†judgement. And so I write very carefully so that someone will not skim my work and then throw it in the trash. Another motivation is my desire to produce something that readers will enjoy, something that won’t sidetrack them by its flaws. I want readers to be able to immerse themselves and, again, get something meaningful out of the writing. There’s this subconscious (now conscious) notion I have that I can help people by writing, and writing well. As a reader, I’ve been helped by writers, and now I really want to do something for readers.

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