Rain and Me

Immediately after stepping outside my dorm, I regretted my decision to not wear my bright yellow raincoat.

The rain immediately soaked my hair. I tried to put up my hood but the wind knocked it off quickly. Before even making it by the Law Quad, I was shaking my head regretting everything that had brought me to this moment. I just wanted to turn around and crawl back into my warm, dry bed.

The Diag was the next obstacle to get through. Walking through in my black nikes, I cursed the money gods for not giving me the resources to be able to afford rain boots that fit. Rain pelted my face, it was freezing. I was getting a brain freeze. The rain had soaked through my shoes, socks, and onto my feet.

With my head hurting and my hands cold, I quickened my pace, trying to get to the USB as fast as I could. I know that when I walked into room 2330, I looked a mess. Runny, red nose and shaking hands, I looked like I had just stepped out of the shower after receiving the news that my grandfather died.

I sat down and immediately pulled off the silver winter coat that I had trusted to get me through the storm. It had soaked through completely, I silently prayed that it would dry by the end of class.

Rain was not my friend today.


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