Why I Read = Why I Write ?

“I read to see myself”.

If this is the reason why I read, then the reason why I write circles quite closely around the word “vanity”. I like to see something of myself in the characters that I’m reading about. I have a very hard time “buying into” characters extremely different from who I am. I think their decisions don’t make sense and their actions hard to understand. I suppose if I’m committing to this line of thinking, then I read to put something out into the world that I know I will fit into. Maybe there isn’t enough literature out there that I feel I can find a common ground with, and I’m just vain enough as a writer to need that problem to be remedied. I very much enjoy re-reading things that I’ve written, primarily things I’ve written about myself. I will never find anything I have more in common with than something I’ve written myself. If there’s isn’t a niche that I can fit myself into, I feel the need to create it, and perhaps this is a reason why I write.

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