Why I Write Analysis

I was scrolling through various articles on Google, trying to decide which authors I wanted to focus on in my search to figure out Why I Write. I ultimately settled on Lee Martin and Terry Tempest Williams, two famous authors that I had never heard of before. Before I dive into specifics of each of their Why I Write articles, I want to point out that both these authors seemed to write in order to find out what they don’t know about the world. This shocked me a bit, as I feel like if I said that in my Why I Write piece, it would come off as fake, potentially boilerplate. Yet, both these authors were able to state this claim in a genuine fashion. More specifically, Lee Martin takes a very imaginative, narrative, personal approach to explain why he writes. He focuses on his childhood and the art of love to explain his reasons for being an author. Terry Tempest Williams, on the other hand, focuses on about 500 different reasons why she writes. It’s interesting to read her differing reasons but hard to relate with any specific one.

Regarding the Why I Write pieces from MiW Gateway students, I noticed development patterns- how these students saw themselves as developing as writers. Rachel Sherman, who speaks about her obsession for celebrities and fame, was able to take a piece that seems so personal about something unrelated to writing and connect it to her abilities as a writer that she has seen develop throughout the years. Emily Korn’s Why I Write piece touches on her development as a communicator, culminating in success as a writer. Both of these Why I Write essays also used personal narratives in order to explain further, which also helped me as a reader relate to these pieces.

I enjoyed reading these Why I Write pieces as they sparked some ideas of my own..!

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