Why I Write Analysis

I first looked at two unknown writers’ essays that seemed to take place in different circumstances. Tanushree Baidya wrote her statement sometime after the election, and she started off by saying how fear has negatively impacted her writing in the time after. She decided to go for a walk and described the beauty of a victory garden near her house. At the end, she said her purpose of writing is to explore, and to keep pushing through despite any fear. This piece did not go through time, but rather emphasized one moment that she felt strongly about. The other writer, E. CE Miller, wrote a brief essay that was mostly short sentences. She also did not go into much detail about why she was interested in writing. Miller instead emphasized how various plot details compelled her to write. She gave her reason for writing as being curious.

I read Katherine Stathulis and Shaylyn Austin’s pieces from the MiW portfolios. Both essays refer to past experiences that were crucial to their writing experiences. The writers were quite honest, but went about portraying that mood in different ways. Stathulis talked about an event and a personality trait that have made her realize why she writes. At the end, she addressed the reader directly, telling them that the skill of writing will never fade away no matter what profession. Austin’s piece flows, describing the growing importance of writing in her life with each moment. She also talked about how writing is her preferred mode of communication. Unlike the unknown writers, the MiW students took a reflective approach to the question, which seemed almost journey-like.

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