Can I be trusted? I hope so

Would my portfolio be different?

Choosing to repurpose my personal narrative from English 125 gave me the opportunity to reflect on an extremely turbulent period of my life in a way that I had not to this point. Until my repurposing, I had only thought about my experience as a chronological series of events. However, my repurposing resulted in my reflection on this experience as having a causal impact on my life that I had not considered in-depth. Though my diagnosis drastically changed the physical circumstances of my life, I do not think it changed me very much otherwise.

I actually never considered any options for my repurposing other than my personal narrative from my English 125 course freshman year. However, had I chosen to repurpose another paper I had written I probably would’ve chosen to repurpose an essay from my English 225 class last semester in which I wrote about trends in the NBA towards three-point shooting. I would have wanted to make it personal, in the same way that my current repurposing is written and find a unique lens to write it through. I would have wanted it to be creative and would have written through the eyes of a little kid aspiring to be an NBA player deciding that he would make his sole purpose to be able to shoot like Steph Curry.

How much do you trust yourself in your assessment of why you write, and why?

I trust that my communication skills are strengthened by writing, but I do not trust that I write because of that. As such, I don’t trust the draft that I have currently written. However, based on the questions we were asked about our writing styles in class on Tuesday, I have reasoned that I like to write because it allows me to communicate my feelings to people in ways that I would never think of doing in a face-to-face interaction. After I include this portion in my WIW draft, I think it will be more honest.

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