Can I be trusted? Yes, I believe so!

The repurposed piece that I chose is of a more serious topic, explaining and rejecting the need for a specific federal policy that perpetuates a culture of discrimination. Because the repurpose is written about a much more serious topic that has relatively large life impacts for some people, I felt it would be extremely insensitive and, truthfully, somewhat confusing to have an extremely lighthearted portfolio and remediation. As a result, my portfolio has taken a slightly more serious tone; it is less brightly colored, a bit more simplistic, and the writing bits (except for the pieces About Me) are slightly less bubbly. My natural personality is friendly, chatty, and relatively energetic. I felt this needed to be toned down a bit to fit more with the serious, editorial nature of my initial piece of writing.


A piece of writing I was considering instead of the federal blood ban policy was an imitation piece called “Girl” written in the same style as a piece by the same name that I read in my first year writing. I was considering repurposing mine into an acknowledgement and expose of some sorts of how much pressure women face today. This wouldn’t have changed the tone of my portfolio all that much, although it may have given me more of a chance to make my personality a bit clearer seeing as I am a woman and can relate in many ways to the pressures we face. I cannot relate my personal life in any way to my current repurpose because it is about a demographic I do not belong to.


How much do I trust myself in how I write or why:

I actually trust myself a pretty solid amount. I do truly hate math; now, the reasons why I hate math might be slightly exaggerated or dramatized for the purpose of making an interesting and compelling Why I Write. That being said, I do still hate math, and this hatred for math has in many ways definitely prompted me to write. I’m bad at math = write instead! In writing you can explain anything, be anything, spin anything to be the “correct answer” (ironic how I used a simple equation to answer a question, huh?) In math there is only one way for things to be. My Why I Write conclusions are absolute, not contingent.

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