Drumroll Please….

This past semester I have been diligently working on my Capstone project, and my passion for it has increasingly grown every day. I was inspired to create a women’s magazine that seeks to do three main things: educate women, empower women, and redefine what it means to be a women’s magazine. This magazine contains information about topics that directly impact women, whether that information be politically related, health care related, etc. This magazine is also unique in that it is interactive; I have hyperlinked all of the articles that I used during my research, so that readers can directly click on them and read additional information if they would like. There are a variety of perspectives covered in my magazine and topics are presented from an unbiased perspective, allowing the readers to receive information in an objective manner. I am extremely excited to finally be able to present my final product. After weeks of hard work and hours of intensive research, here is my project: https://kuzelann.wixsite.com/annmariehkuzel


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  1. So excited about this project for you! It looks so professional and it definitely brings your own beliefs and personality into the project! Congrats!

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