Ethan Wolfe: Portfolio Categories

Based on the way that I write and where I see my portfolio going, I would rank the four main categories for me (from strongest to weakest): Prose, Voice, Idea, Composition.

I know that I can intertwine these categories to benefit each other in my repurposing and remediation because my topic — the benchwarmer in sports — is a universally understood concept that, whether my argument is agreed upon or not, could incite meaningful discussion. This idea will be articulated well with comprehendible, quality prose and a unique voice that is also consistent with my “Why I Write” piece. If I can position this intriguing topic effectively under one cohesive voice, than it will inherently help the reader navigate my portfolio and understand my writing from start to finish. One aspect of my portfolio that I will have trouble addressing is a topical translation between my “Why I Write” and my other work. They are written similarly, but do not necessarily complement each other well. I will also have to figure out how to better express my process notes, because if I want the composition/environment to be encompassing than I will need more space and detail on my site to lay out my writing process.

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