Form Modification: Case Studies

After Raymond said “Think of something you don’t like and try to modify it,” my brain automatically went to the case studies that I encounter on a daily basis. I don’t like how these studies are set-up to give students information, as I think they lack all of the information that students actually need to learn. Let’s think about a basic case study- you’re given company background, information on the company’s competition, current problems, financial information, and goals- nothing else. To me, this is inherently wrong. How are students supposed to learn about how to solve a company problem when they aren’t given any insight into company dynamics, firm positives, firm negatives, etc. I don’t think it’s possible to learn “business” in these settings.
I think case studies should be introduced to students in a sort of “live role play” type approach. I genuinely think that in order for someone to really learn about a company, they have to be shown the dynamics in a personal, emotional way. Some may disagree, but I think this is a pivotal part of learning.
Don’t get me wrong- I 100% think that case studies can teach you how to solve business problems. But, to actually learn something about business, you have to be placed in the setting- understand the problem and everything that goes into it- not just the qualitative/quantitative information.

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