Gateway Guidance

The amount of work in the gateway course can seem like a lot, especially if you are a procrastinator. Personally, I’m not very much of a procrastinator and I generally think things are easier to handle if you get a jump start. But below are some of my practical tips for the Gateway course.

  1. Don’t Neglect the Eportfolio: You don’t have to work on it everyday but if you slowly work on one page at a time, by the end of the semester, you won’t have to worry as much. You already know how to edit your site. Also, you’ve already done most of the heavy lifting.
  2. Do Your Dream Project: This class gives you so much creative freedom! Use it! Do that project you’ve always wanted to do. Whether that’s a video, writing a song, or starting a blog, you can do that in this class. Don’t miss your chance to have an excuse to actually do it!
  3. Challenge Yourself in Workshop: Be nice and courteous when giving your workshop feedback, but be extremely picky and critical towards the piece. Push yourself to ask the author questions about the intent of the piece and the heart of the story. Give the best feedback you can.
  4. Make Friends: I loved this class. My classmates are incredible and I’m so lucky that I was able to be a part of something special with them. They’re a great resource because they understand the demands of the class and if you want an extra pair of eyes, they can be there for you.

Those are my main tips for the Gateway course. A huge thanks to T and the rest of the “tea cup pigs” for a great semester. Good luck to those in Gateway classes to come!



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