Intro to My Capstone Project

So excited to finally share my capstone project and my eportfolio. This whole Minor in Writing thing has been such a great experience and this project has been a fun way to look back on my time at the University of Michigan. It gave me the ability to reflect on my experiences, while learning more about the unique experiences other students have had while here. Especially since my experience as a neuroscience major has differed from many other students within the writing minor.

For my capstone project, I decided to expand on my experiences as a medical school hopeful at the University of Michigan. Throughout my four years here, I have often turned to university resources to help guide me through my undergraduate experiences. For example, I often needed advice on how to navigate which extracurricular activities to get involved in, how to survive a rigorous academic schedule and how to enjoy Ann Arbor. For my capstone project, I decided to investigate whether the resources provided by the university gave meaningful information/advice that can actually help guide other students through their time at the University of Michigan as well. To do so, I gathered advice from both university resources and from graduating seniors to determine how well the two sources matched up. Initially, I expected that student advice would be quite different from that listed on university resources; however, there are some uncanny similarities in several areas. The website that I created serves as a medium to share the results of my comparisons, while hopefully acting as a comprehensive guide to the University of Michigan experience. Additionally, I received a plethora of unexpected advice that I believe will serve a unique purpose by encouraging students to take advantage of their time in Ann Arbor and to grow as well-rounded individuals beyond their field of interest. I hope that by exploring the site linked below, you will learn more about the true University of Michigan experience. 

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  1. Congrats on finally finishing your project and finishing up at the University of Michigan, Meghan! It’s been awesome to watch you work on your project over the course of this semester. I’ve seen how much hard work you’ve consistently put into your project, and your progression has been awesome. Good luck on everything you pursue after graduation!

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