My Capstone Portfolio (!!)

Well, the days keep counting down toward graduation and now it is time to share my capstone project and portfolio.

The project I chose allowed me to explore to two different but important things to me. One silly and one serious. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a vendetta? That’s not the right word but I’ve had something¬†against sea lions. I don’t trust ’em and I don’t get ’em. So for my project, I wrote and illustrated an adult children’s book about this mistrust of sea lions. But the more I worked on it and thought about it, I saw reflections to today’s political/Islamophobic climate. The things I have against sea lions are the same things used against Muslim immigrants. Through satire, my project hopes to show that the general fear and mistrust of an entire religion is just as silly and probably heinous as my general fear and mistrust of an entire species. But come on, do you trust that face?

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My portfolio includes this project as well as a short research paper which details my sources and contextualizes the project. My portfolio also includes my Writer’s Evolution essay and a link to an online magazine I write for. Overall, my portfolio is almost there. I’m still working on formatting my Writer’s Evolution essay and the images and videos included in my research paper. And I still need to upload my capstone project.

After those final steps, I’m done! Take a look and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear any and all suggestions.

Here’s the link again:

Shannon Vail

I am a senior Art History major who thoroughly enjoys cooking, traveling, beagles and Buffalo sports.

2 thoughts to “My Capstone Portfolio (!!)”

  1. Hey Shannon!

    I really enjoyed navigating through your website. I think that it’s super easy to use and also brings attention to your main focal points. I also think your navigation bar is very simple which makes it clear which tabs lead to where. Maybe think about having a separate tab for Minor in Writing or Writer’s Evolution where you link it directly to your essay. Great job and I can’t wait to see the final project!!

  2. Hi Shannon! Your website looks great and has come a long way! I really enjoyed reading the research portion of your project and it shows how important your work this semester is. I can’t wait to see your Joomag!

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