Portfolio Categories – Sanika Babtiwale


  1. Idea/Concept
  2. Prose
  3. Composition/Environment
  4. Voice


The idea/concept aspect of my website is unique because I took a different approach in my repurposing and “Why I Write” pieces. I believe my repurposing piece was an especially strong concept, since it showcased my ability to creatively write about a topic that is rarely talked about. I hope my prose will go hand in hand with the idea/concept because I want to make all of my ideas as clear as possible to the reader. My writing style should influence the composition/environment because I want my site to be accessible and simple to navigate. I am not planning to establish a specific flow that the user will have to follow on the site. I am hoping that my site is easy to use but I also want it to be interesting to the user. I am most worried about the presentation of my voice on the site. I think I have brought out my voice to the user, but it might be too subtle for the reader to be aware of. I do not know how much a reader pays attention to a more dynamic voice, so I think that is something to explore. I would also like to investigate how appealing my site is to users. I think the style suits my pieces and personality, but I wonder whether others will feel the same.

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